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Studio3Digital offers only the first-class Web Design Services by providing astonishing designs with the latest technology. We tailor every pitch based on the target audience and customers who will be arriving on your website. User Experience and User Journey is really important for us so we make sure to spend our time on UI & UX. Google Speed is really important for the website and that’s why our team goes-through each page, code section, CSS files, images to make sure we follow the Google Guidelines. In terms of reliable services, Studio3Digital is the best Web Design Company in Dubai.

We make life worthier with valuable & simple UI/UX

We are a team of expert UI/UX designers to create highly realistic and impactful products. We dig deep into your business and drive your target audience with meaningful stories. At Studio3Digital, every UI/UX service is a masterpiece.

UI/UX Solutions can Supercharge your Brand

We take a humanistic design approach and give into thorough investigation for a perfect outcome. Studio3Digital understands its customers profoundly to create a seamless User Experience.

Our Creative Approach

Our UI/UX process is unique & very simple:

  • We gather basic requirements such as user personas, case study analysis, user pain points, business goals & industry best practices.
  • Our UI/UX experts conduct equity and competitor analysis, identifying areas of opportunity.
  • We develop information architecture, map UX, create low-fidelity wireframes and prototypes.
  • Our professionals set a visual direction, create mood-boards & concept of the key screens.
  • We perform motion graphic checks of the interface behavior on different devices, carry iconography and illustrations.
  • Our final UI/UX product is developed through a library of high-end UI elements, forward recommendations for the development team and illustrative guidelines.

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From peculiar websites to online stores, and corporate websites to unique web apps, Studio3Digital is the ‘All in 1’ platform to build attractive and interactive websites that engage visitors.

Web Design Company Dubai

Web Development Services Dubai

We are the award-winning Web Development Company in Dubai who provides all types of latest technologies and frameworks based on the client’s requirements. Our experienced developers work on the latest technology to make sure your website speed, coding, structure, and database are tidy and clean.

Your Website, Your Rules, Our Expertise

Make your website work the way you want. We are a Dubai Web Development Company with the apt technical know-how, experience and industry perceptions to take your website to the next stage, online.

Our passion is creating high-level and operational websites with perfect performance for everyone, incorporating the search engine. Speed, serviceability, behind-the-scenes usability; improved online performance means better business in every possible way.

At Studio3Digital, we are all you need to streamline your business, increase efficiency and productivity translating to a higher ROI. Our services in web development include idea conceptualization, prototyping, frontend development, backend development, plugins development, third-party plugins, and features integration, existing website upgrade & customization, and technical consultancy. Among the types of websites, we develop, include the following:

Static Web Development

We build Static Websites that are the most basic array of websites. They are written in plain HTML. Such sites are non-interactive and have fixed content. The web pages that do not have access to the database are perfect for simple websites.

Open Framework Web Development

Open Framework comes to its practical use when developing multifaceted custom websites with layouts that are responsive. We utilize the open framework to build what you, our client, particularly require with additional layers for successful performance and optimal functionality. The open framework structure builds reactive behaviors and bootstrap’s styles.

E-commerce Development

If you’re looking to build an online shopping store to sell your products, then you’re at the right place! We also specialize in the development of e-commerce websites. We have specialists in Open Source, Saas and Caas e-commerce platforms which include platforms like BigCommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento, OpenCart among several others.

Web Development Dubai

Dubai-based, best Web Design Company

We have Local Experience of 20 years in Dubai in the Web-Design Industry. We have worked with approximately over 100 projects for a different industry in Dubai from startups to large companies including Real Estate, E-Commerce Shops, Food & Restaurants, Hotels, Marketplaces, Transportation, Education, Online Store, etc.

We have a creative and smart delivery process for each project and the majority of our process starts from the re-search since we believe for any project if your foundation is strong then you can always scale your project. Studio3Digital has always considered being the TOP Web Designing Company in Dubai.

  1. Photoshop
  3. XD Designs
  4. Adobe Illustrator
  1. MongoDB
  2. Redis
  3. PostgreSQL
  4. Word press Websites
  5. Oracle
Web Development Framework:
  1. Angular
  2. Ruby on Rails
  3. YII
  4. JS
  5. Word-Press
  6. Node JS
Browsers Compatibility:

Compatible across different browsers and operating systems.

Programming Languages:
  1. Word-press
  2. Javascript
  3. PHP
  4. Ruby
  5. Codeigniter
  6. CakePHP
  7. Phalcon
  8. Slim

Our Web Development Process

Why Studio3Digital? Go for Innovative & Interactive Web Design Company Dubai & Web Development Dubai

Studio3’ Dubai, is a full fledged design company with a brand conscious approach to website design and development.

Our web designing team is well versed with the brand driven visual communication that enhances the aesthetic appeal and brand value of the websites we develop.

Talented and trusted for their expertise in web designing services agency, the team has well balanced skill sets and is specialized in brand marketing functions and inspired interactive experiences crafted to well represent your business concept in design elements right from the start to deliver a unique website design with complete satisfaction.

Our website designing adopts a contemporary look befitting the relevance of the product and services on offer. A state of the art approach to include technological edge ensures top ranking websites with our SEO team working on it too.

We work through a collaborative process involving the client and adapting their feedback right from the beginning to the end. The process is aimed at creating a unique tailor-made website that meets every requirement of our client. This flexibility and agility to adapt and deliver a custom-built website is the USP of our website designing agency.

The website is designed across 4 steps which is also the 4 quartered payments are collected i.e. 25% before each step of the process and 100% satisfaction before moving to the next step.

Driving Design

Design reigns supreme here as concept understanding is translated into visual elements. These are created on a photo shop and judge for their look and appeal to progress further

Infusing functionality

The operations take form as content and other plug-in populate the developed pages. The real picture begins to emerge and the virtual tangibility is achieved. As technical brilliance works in tandem with marketing think tanks and creative heads to offer a seamlessly operating website with striking appeal and functionality.

Executing Development

The approved look is transformed and developed as WebPages to understand and integrate user interface and ensure seamless transformations and operability. A different skillsets are mandatory to breathe life into the visual design thats done by a competence that studio3digital also offers at dubai office as web development services

Final testing & Launch

The achieved look, the desired functionality is internally hosted for testing and any changes are adapted, errors rectified to achieve 100% efficiency. A detailed technical study across every aspect of design and development and a 100% client satisfaction is ensured before the launch.
Our website designing and development service is feature rich and offers a comprehensive solution to meet every need of the client in their website; one that stands out amidst competition and edges its way to the top.

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SEO Friendly – Ready for top rankings

All our websites are built to be search ready, they are fully optimized to vie for the top slots of search engine ranking and indexing right as we launch.

This inbuilt process helps to achieve ranking on the move while maximizing the potentials for in-depth performance, speed optimization, Google analytics control to map and surge ahead with complete WMT set up for full Meta tag control through SEO Yoast etc. Our websites are search engine optimized and phenomenally successful in vying for the top slots of search engine ranking

CMS platform: Endless Features, Seamless Delivery

Studio3 website Development Company employs the most updated and safe CMS platform to custom built websites for businesses. This agile content management system platform is highly adaptable and adept at creating websites with varying functionalities and complexities with easy to use flexibilities. Be it business websites or product sites or e commerce sites with payment gateway integration.

Creative Brand Design – Purpose-driven Branding

The website designing services at Studio3 is innovative for a reason. They are not out of the box for effect but are driven by purpose and define your uniqueness as a brand. Here you tell us your story and we create your online identity that best conveys the uniqueness in design and help you creatively stand distinct and distinguished, enhancing your customer’s online experience and engagement with the brand.

Our designs first are formulated on Photoshop before breathing development into it to ensure creative collaboration with our clients and seek your approvals at every step.

Innovating interaction for engagement – Immersive technologies

Another design rich feature of our website is the high interactive ability that it offers to engage your audience. Built on high immersive interactive technologies like JavaScript, Canvas and the like, the opportunity to engage and experiment are limitless.

Options to employ parallax, gyroscope or scrolling effect to boost interactive engagement are high and ensure a bespoke experience for the website visitor.

High responsiveness – Visibility across devices

Our website services include responsive features that make web pages render well on all variety of devices, windows or screen sizes. It seamlessly operates across mobiles, desktops and laptops with desired effects.

This especially is growing in importance with most browsing having shifted to handheld devices including research and online purchases.

Fully customizable – Tailor-made for perfect fit

Studio3 as a responsible website design and development agency will help you in step of the way from design development and launch to make it one that meets every need & requirement and surpass your expectations too.
We custom build codes and applications that commission unique functions that prove to be decisive tools for your business later. This custom-built functionality is available across the expanse of the website to ensure a truly outstanding experience.

The canvas is vast right from login systems to subscription-based e-commerce to directory systems and ship dropping custom solutions; everything is customizable, and tailor made to be a perfect match for your business model.

Business ready – Made to sell

Website designing at studio3 is inclusive of cutting-edge enterprise standard e commerce systems. They are flexible to incorporate and deliver any business model across the gamut of international sales right from drip shipping and virtual products mode.

The strength of our e commerce systems lies in its innate ability for in house management that allows for a range of payment gateways that are both scalable and highly secure.

The website is ready to deep dive into business and make a sale, the moment it’s launched as per your business model, rightly adapted to its last detail.

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Customer Connected - Social Media Integration

Our Websites are socially integrated to stay in touch with our customers across connect points making our brand both sociable and interactive.

Social Media’ API’s are directly integrated into the website designs for conversations and content sharing that add ease of use and speed in gaining share and follows.

This is effortlessly incorporated by sharing buttons and feeds directly on the website or vice versa where the content from your website is fed directly to all your social media accounts. This regular give and take ensure a more effective management of your social media channels keeping a close watch on your customers pulse and helping customers stay connected to your brand.

Web Design Company In Dubai

Securely Hosted for Enhanced Performance

We manage our own Websites hosting and recommend our clients over shared hosting services. This in-house service is mapped to enhance the website performance and deliver much more for safety and upkeep of your website.

Everything is a notch higher with our hosting services; we work on superfast cloud flare DNS. Our dedicated servers are impregnable and hardened with antivirus. A well-managed firewall ensures its hacker is safe with Mod security shield and Amazon S3 backups. If this doesn’t prompt you to make a decision, please note with us your website has up to 5x increase in loading speed.

We also offer service level agreements and external monitoring 24/7 to ensure complete safety and your peace of mind.

Web Development Company in Dubai

Completely Supported and Compliant

We ensure complete support to meet all regulatory and procedural details for the website and these are taken care of right at the building stage of the websites. The General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR requirements are detailed and voluminous, daunting your time and energy for this task. However, we assure seamless compliance as part of our web development services allowing you to use your precious time to build your businesses.

Our websites undergo a thorough review of GDPR Compliance and carry out tasks recommended to stay GDPR compliant.

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