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HTML5 Animation Dubai

We see changes in technology all the time, and one of the largest changes is about the usage of HTML animation. HTML5 animation has mainly replaced Flash animation as a way of coding animation for numerous devices, particularly mobile devices, for things such as web animations and animated banners. At Studio3Digital we aim to offer eye catching animations that won’t slow your website performance. Our HTML5 web animations provide you the animation flexibility of Flash, with the functioning of latest web-based animation.

These days, a sound advertising campaign on the world wide web is unimaginable without animated and interactional banners. The user might not observe a simple text ad, but a beautiful animation will definitely captivate his attention. Moreover, it becomes possible to convey more in advertising directly about the goods & services you offer.

Let’s have a look at the current 3 types of web animation!

HTML5 Animation in Dubai

Understanding the diverse range of web animation.

  • GIF: The oldest standard that appeared in 1987, was the one with limited capabilities. Suitable only for the simplest cases. With its assistance you can build simplistic animated banners. However, despite the simplicity of technology with its help, you can still create highly effective advertising.
  • Flash animation: This format appeared later. It possibilities in abundance, as with its aid the website can be made interactive. Flash is appropriate for creating web-based cartoon, training materials, as well as impressive interactive web banners. However, in last few years there has been a steady desertion of this standard in favour of HTML5.
  • HTML5 animation: The HTML5 standard appeared relatively recently and immediately attracted attention with its wide capabilities. It is in no way inferior to Flash, and by some criteria even surpasses it. For instance, it becomes possible to construct interactive banners that will be exhibited on all mobile devices that are facing difficulties with Flash support. 

HTML is a markup language which is currently at revision 5. It’s used to create the properties and presentation of website content. The HTML language was developed to standardize the way websites are created.

Hence, when it comes to the creation of animated banners, HTML5 opens door of possibilities for developers as it allows multimedia content and geolocation – it has increased functionality with improved interactivity and user experiences.

HTML5 Animation: Getting in deeper!

HTML5 Banner Ads can be entirely animated or can be animated in segments, with text fading in/out, or imagery changing itself with different messages.

HTML5 Animated Banner Ads can be interactive and provide a remarkably interesting and attractive advertisement which captures the attention of people who are browsing websites. These Animated Banner Ads are constructed in a way to urge people to click on the ads, for more information.

Today, HTML5 Animation, play a big part in attracting consumers to brands. Now with increased number of people spending their time on the internet, either looking for products & services, or by just browsing, we understand the tremendous value in gaining the attention of consumers, in to get them to click on our clients’ Banner Ads.

HTML5 Animation Ads are by far the most effective way to capture an audience online. With movement and swift flashing elements, which convey a story in in a matter of few seconds, we are capable to make sure our brands’ have every opportunity to bond with their consumers online.

Dubai HTML5 Animation Services
HTML5 Animation Dubai

Why go with Studio3 Advertising for HTML5 Animation Services?

We are an expert HTML5 developer and have specialists who produce responsive and instinctive banner advertisements to boost engagement with your consumers. With the conception of our HTML5 animation, we want to aid you reach and increase conversion via engaging more users and growing your clicks & sales.

Specialists in HTML5:
Utilizing rich media, our HTML5 animation development experts aid you to boost user engagement by producing banners that exhibit diverse element like video, search boxes and gamification. Compared with more traditional static banners, HTML5 animations have higher click-through rates, driving users to your website and fueling all-important conversions.

Responsive Design:
With 95% of people utilizing smartphones, it has become significantly imperative that any animated banner we design can operate across platforms – the beauty of HTML5 animations is that they are responsive and auto-adjust to be compatible with different devices. Without the use of a HTML5 animation design service, multiple static banners for different devices, screen sizes and operating systems would need to be created.

Increase Clicks & Sales:
Maybe the top issue to adversely affect conversion rate would be slow page-load. For HTML5 banner ads that are animated, we utilize JavaScript which fastens page-load time-period. Our HTML5 animation developers create video and animated products that are click-through optimized – this drives engagement and improves the opportunity for conversion.

HTML5 Animation Services Dubai

How can my business benefit from HTML5 Animation?

HTML5 Animation have the intrinsic ability to be unique & distinctive, which means that users will engage with your banner/Animation for a longer period of time. What’s more? Research shows that extra viewing-time of about 1-2 secs can translate into a big jump in brand recognition. For instance, as per to a study steered by Inskin, “50% of users were able to remember the [animated] advertised brand after 1-2 secs of visual engagement-time, vs. 35% after only 0-1 secs.” This clearly shows that animated banners depict directly towards higher user engagement!

Hence, we can offer you services for creating any type of digital animation of any required size, length and complexity. From the simple-type GIF banners to the most complicated yet interactive HTML5 banners, that will stand-out for its appealing element and wow-factor that will make your ad more visible. Our knowledge and expertise make it possible to implement all kinds of digital marketing campaigns on the Internet.

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