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Linkedin Marketing

The changing digital landscape is empowering the business owners, small and giants alike, to scale up the growth curve using myriad digital channels as a ladder. From the pool of mediums available, LinkedIn wins hands down as a most promising and professional of all in today’s business arena.

Known as a networking platform, LinkedIn has its roots in a fertile set-up that nurtures all the budding businesses with the right amount of exposure using the right tool – marketing. LinkedIn marketing, as it’s formally known, has soared to glory due to its potential avenues of cultivating business relations, raising brand awareness, increasing connections and more. From listing job openings to organizing webinars, announcing mergers, and endorsing skills, LinkedIn has managed to narrow down the gap between the employers and employees, manufacturers and vendors, as well as companies and customers. Be it for promotional purposes or taking feedback, instant replies on the posts has allowed the companies to seek instant feedback from its customers and take their association on another level.

Today, LinkedIn marketing has brought the world together on social grounds, where clicks and comments do the talking. Here’s how to market your business on LinkedIn in the best possible manner.

1. Advertising tools

To boost your company’s offerings, the most easily accessible tool is advertising. On LinkedIn, you will find various tools to implement target marketing and find the right audience for your services and product offerings. Be it sponsored content or InMail, LinkedIn marketing is your tool to develop customized audience for your business.

2. Profile Finder

Company profile is the first step towards making your identity strong. For people to locate your company on LinkedIn, one must have their name on the LinkedIn URL, instead of some random set of numbers. This shows your commitment towards making your company known to others.

3. SEO power

Your LinkedIn profile can be SEO friendly too. By using the combination of right key words, you can get your LinkedIn profile listing ranked amongst the top few. This would enable you to drive more traffic to your profile, ultimately generate leads for you.

4. Leverage on the ProFinder Badge

This feature helps numerous freelancers to pin their profiles using the ProFinder Badge and let the companies know their strengths. This way, even the companies benefit as those with reduced budget can work on a freelance basis.

5. LinkedIn Recruiter advantage

If u you use LinkedIn Recruiter, it enables you to save searches you made as well as helps you to set alerts. This feature filters layers that you have defined for recruiting and alerts you when someone matches your requirements.

6. Broadcasting videos

Use LinkedIn as a tool to post video of your product, live sessions and more as this would let your connections know about the company’s happenings and events. Video windows are an interesting gateway to attract attention and build client-base.

7. Add links, get clicks!

You can add multiple links – be it social media or of your company website or professional blogs; these links will increase clicks as people who are interested will want to know more details about you outside LinkedIn. If you run a web series, you can share links of those episodes as well to add to the viewership.

8. Showcase page

If there’s a special activity or initiative that demands engagement and exclusive attention, then go ahead and create a showcase page. This would help you to get followers who were not a part of your company’s official page earlier.

9. Sharing company profile

One of the best parts of premium LinkedIn accounts is that it allows you to share your company’s profile openly to people or companies you are not connected as well. This expands your horizon to flourish your business and explore growth opportunities.

10. Sharing the slides

Every business set-up has a set of presentations made every month. There’s so much to communicate and sometimes it’s too much for the audience to capture at one go. During such times, make multiple slides of the content and share them. This way, you pass on all the information in the most crisp and creative way possible.

11. Capitalize on the LinkedIn contacts

You can use your LinkedIn connections to grow your business by exporting all the contacts. You can share promotional data, send SMSs and drive them to your website with various offers.

12. Profile viewers

LinkedIn marketing also gives us a way to comprehend your customers and kind of people who view your profile. With the feature – Who’s viewed your profile – you can review, analyze, and make plan of action to approach those people who viewed your profile, to make the most of that opportunity.

13. Engaging posts

With LinkedIn Canva, make every post look beautiful with images and content. Not just this, also make graphical posts using quotes to generate interest. Not to forget the Hashtag leverage. Hashtag-infused post image is also an effective way to post and communicate a strong message.

14. Analytics

When using LinkedIn Marketing tools, make sure you have a calendar in place, so you can effectively schedule the posts, taking the advantage of the tools available. You can monitor your post views, get analytics as to what kind of posts are getting more likes, etc. so you can plan the future posts accordingly.

15. LinkedIn Groups

This is an ideal community forum that gives you, as a company or a brand, to get closer to your audience in a meaningful and valuable manner. This community groups have a great potential to build your client-base and ultimately your business.

LinkedIn Marketing is undoubtedly a powerful tool to get your business not just on top, but to further strengthen your relationship with clients, vendors and build partnerships. Having a local account, you can expand your presence across the globe, just by making some valuable connections who will help you take your business to the new heights. LinkedIn Marketing is your bouquet of tools that will have a lasting impression and reflect on the growth curve.

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