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What is Technical SEO?

Search engines utilize several ranking elements such as — speed of the website, protection, design that’s mobile-friendly, etc. to determine what to display in search results. Technical SEO is the umbrella name for activities that aid search engine crawlers execute their job, enabling them to index your site appropriately.

Technical SEO is linked to all the SEO activities except optimization of content and link-building. In simple language, it covers certain search engine requirements to augment crawling. These requirements are constantly changing and becoming more complex to keep up with the search engines, which are getting more and more sophisticated each day. So, we can conveniently state that Technical SEO is in a position of continuous refinement.

Technical SEO requires to be optimized to carry out the necessary foundation that gives you content and connects with the finest marketing environment so you can sparkle in the search engine results without any hurdles.

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You’ve defined a keyword strategy, invested in content marketing, and built a strong backlink profile. You’ve even mastered keyword research, and niche marketing. So why is your website’s ranking not as good as it should be?

Technical SEO problems could be skippering your search marketing goals. Often the last thing search marketers tackle, it’s assumed to be outside the team’s remit. But lacking to solve technical SEO problems can head to ranking sinks, not-so-positive engagement metrics, and errors in crawling. It could also lead to your website vanishing from overall search engine page results.

If you want to understand the basics of technical SEO and how to create an action plan that won’t waste developer resources and will help improve your site’s ranking, read on.

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    Technical SEO Services

    How Technical SEO Works?

    Basically, Technical SEO starts with an audit of your website. Based on its current condition, experts improve its discoverability through coding, link building, off-page and on page optimization. For websites to run with the right attributes – structure, data processing, HTML script – technical SEO deals with several activities that affect speed, crawler behaviour, accessibility, security, user device compatibility and navigation.

    A technical SEO project gives your website the structure that easily makes sense to crawlers and pages which are easily identified by search engines. Technical SEO focuses on maximizing visibility and leads using these techniques – which includes using the right content in HTML codes.

    Technical SEO Services Dubai
    Technical SEO Company

    Why Is Technical SEO Important?

    Mobile-Friendliness is on the Rise:

    Mobile phones are extremely prominent today. You very rarely see an individual without at least one electronic device in their hand, right? Technical SEO makes sure your site has an interface that is mobile-friendly. If your website is deficient in this department, you’ll undoubtedly lose support from potential clients.

    Expediency = Satisfaction:

    Consumers crave immediate satisfaction. They want their questions promptly answered, and if they have a concern or whim that needs to be addressed, they want to be sure that they’re receiving the attention they crave. The simpler your content is to access, the more appealing it is to viewers. If your website is bogged down by technical difficulties, you’re liable to lose leads.

    Your Security is of Paramount Importance:

    With the growing plight of cyber threats, it’s imperative that you safeguard your digital assets. Technical SEO provides a helping hand in these matters. Google now cautions users of possibly dangerous sites, and if your website comes with this hopeless forecast, you’ll immediately start losing traffic. If you’d like to assure that your site is protected, technical search engine optimization is important.

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    Technical SEO Checklist

    For websites that demonstrate particular technical characteristics, search engines provide preferential management in search results, for instance a safe connection, a responsive design or a quick-loading time, Technical SEO is the work you require to execute to make sure your website does so.

    Below you’ll discover a checklist of imperative steps that you can take to make sure your technical SEO is up to the mark.

    Consider using SSL:

    Secure Sockets Layer – SSL – is a security technology which creates an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. You can spot a site using SSL easily: the website URL starts with ‘https://’ rather than ‘http://.’ Where possible, ensure your site is secure – this can be done by installing an SSL certificate on your website.

    Ensure your site is mobile-friendly:

    A ‘responsive’ website design adapts itself automatically so that it can be directed and read conveniently on any device. Google is clear about the fact that having a responsive site is considered an incredibly significant ranking signal by its algorithms.

    Increase your site speed:

    Search engines select sites that load swiftly: speed of the page is considered an imperative ranking signal.

    There are numerous routes you can pace up your site by:

    • Use fast hosting.
    • Use a speedy DNS (‘domain name system’) supplier
    • Minimize ‘HTTP requests’ – keep the use of scripts and plugins to a minimum.
    Fix duplicate content issues:

    Duplicate content can either be perplexing for users (and certainly search engine algorithms); it can also be utilized to try & influence search rankings or win extra traffic.

    As a result, search engines aren’t keen on it, and Google and Bing advise to fix any duplicate content issues they find.

    We do the best for you to enjoy being on top!

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      Technical SEO Services

      How can you improve your Technical SEO?

      Conduct an audit:

      Before you can carry out technical SEO optimization, you need to realize what improvements your site requires and where possible problems exist. Therefore, you should direct a technical SEO audit. Once you complete it, you will be able to put together an actionable list of to-dos. There are numerous technical SEO audit instruments you can utilize, for instance Screaming Frog SEO Spider and Google Search Console.

      Be Mobile Ready:

      In 2015, Google gave ‘thumbs up’ to mobile-friendly and sites that are mobile-responsive. If your site is not, it will drop in the search results and end up with lower rankings. Use ‘Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test’ to see if your website meets Google’s criteria. Enter your URL in the search box and click Test URL. The tool will evaluate that page and revert the test results.

      Use SEO-Friendly URLs:

      Search engine-friendly URLs contain keywords relevant to the topic of the page. Also avoid using underscores, hyphens, spaces, and other characters.

      Your URLs should be logical and organized. Readable words are preferred over product IDs and numbers because they represent what visitors would expect to see on your page.

      Optimize Your Robots.txt File:

      A robots.txt file can be found in your website’s origin directory. It conveys the search engines which pages of your website to crawl and makes an addition to their index.

      Format it correctly by making sure you are only blocking the directories or files that you don’t want search engines to crawl.

      Technical SEO Agency Dubai
      Technical SEO Company

      Will Technical SEO work for my site?

      Of course. Business websites have the priority of being discovered more often than their competitors. As a result, technical SEO services are necessary. To make sure it works for you, focus on a set of parameters such as indexing, pagination, link building, off-page content, coding – and maintenance. All these aspects matter to search engines trying to discover relevant pages for their users from other potential millions.

      Strategy, tools management, appification, rich mobile content, website maintenance and other activities do not leave space for companies to focus on core activities – especially when growth and customer retention are the major objectives. We at Studio3Digital help you get started with a technical SEO audit and provide you the right website architecture, structure and gateways – while removing all the bad links and loading issues.

      Technical SEO Services

      Why choose Studio3Digital for Technical SEO Services?

      At Studio3Digital, you can be part of a highly data-savvy and result-focused team. Brands working with us have experienced great improvement in user experience scores and achieved high search ranks by improving structure and code content. We believe in full transparency and are a dominating player providing the best-fit technical SEO solutions.

      Studio3Digital trails the principle of the fundamental base, compelling all strategies and actions. We research your requirements and use cutting-edge tools to transform your website into an SEO winner. With that in mind, we help you understand where you stand.

      That is how we take the initial phase to maturity and provide you a roadmap. A technical development strategy based on website audit & analysis helps our process become more transparent. A team of technical SEO experts will work with you to make your website ‘Top of Mind’. This is the place where you see it happen!

      We also offer you a technical SEO checklist to ensure you are fully aware of our progress. Most SEO projects bear results in six to nine months. We make sure you achieve the fastest turnaround in the industry.

      Technical SEO Services in Dubai

      Do I really need an agency for Technical SEO Services?

      A marketing agency is always a viable option to go for this kind of specialization as they are highly experienced & have a track record of getting things done as promised. They offer you a goal-oriented team of experts who develop, maintain and implement your website, apps and SEO links for your SEO marketing strategies. Only a perfect technical SEO execution will get you noticed by users of search engines like Google.

      Special Technical SEO Tip from Studio3Digital

      Improve your digital marketing with great SEO and the right tools!

      For comprehensive digital marketing to work, you need great SEO serving as the foundation for your efforts. Start with technical SEO, then continue to on-page and off-page factors for a sure-fire path to success in the SERPs.